The Ladies Table: Shanna Germain, Vorpal Blonde

Welcome back to The Ladies Table, our recurring column where we  introduce you to various women of the gaming community and industry and talk with them about their favorite

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Edu-LARP by Seekers Unlimited

Live action roleplaying has long been used in classrooms as a means of education, though usually in a way that doesn’t involve any dice or monsters or anything fun

Gen Con Preview: Off the Beaten Path

The clock is winding down—we’re now just one week away from the best four days in gaming! If you for some reason aren’t familiar with Gen Con, we’ll give

Book Review: A Gen Con Murder Mystery?!

In just a week, I’ll be hopping the train down to Indianapolis for the best four days in gaming—Gen Con Indy, the greatest of all gaming conventions! It is, basically,

TableTop and the Drawbacks to Enthusiasm

One of the great things about the internet is that we have a variety of resources at our fingertips—but what happens when one resource outshines the others? By now

Leveling Up to Be a Gaming Couple

I married someone who had never played an RPG before. He’d dabbled in the very notion of RPGs and such, but he had never been part of a gaming

Actual Play: Getting Started With Vampire: The Requiem

If you took a look in my office, you’d probably guess that I’m a pretty big World of Darkness fan from all of the books my boyfriend has collected over

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Sveidsdottir

What happens when you mix Norse mythology, epic fantasy, and giant mechs?   …you get Tracy Barnett’s Sveidsdottir, an incredible, inclusive novel sure to be worth a read! We’ve

Saying Yes to the Story

Have you ever watched an episode of Who’s Line Is It Anyway?  On the off chance you haven’t, It’s an improvisational comedy show where they’re given a few prompts and

Crowdfunding Spotlight: Double Feature!

It’s been awhile since we’ve done a crowdfunding spotlight, but we decided to kick it off a little differently this week: we have two projects being run on GoFundMe rather than

Actual Play: Getting Started With Dungeon World

What happens when your regular gaming group takes four weeks off and the game master doesn’t get their stuff together? Why, planning-light, story-heavy games, of course! When our regular

My Bull@#!% Adventures in Writing

At first, I was excited about a new year. I thought, “Hey, opportunity is finally knocking so I’m just going to answer the door.” See, someone finally convinced me

Casual Roleplaying Encounters: Untapped Opportunities

A few nights ago on Twitter, something dramatic happened. An account called @SelfAwareROOMBA, which usually just tweets the mundane things you might expect a Roomba to tweet (“Whirrrrr”) started

Back to Basics

Hey, wow! Nice to see ya again! As you may have noticed, Charisma Bonus is a little “behind the times” at the moment. We suffered from some server issues

Ladies Table: Lillian Cohen-Moore, Writer & Editor

Welcome back to another installment of The Ladies' Table, our bi-weekly sit down with some of our favorite females in the gaming community and industry! This week we're chatting

Damsels and Dragons: Review of “The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales”

I’m a huge Salvatore fan and he and Mr. Do’Urden are what got me interested in the world of Fearun in the first place. While certainly no Tolkien (no

Con Life: Convention Packing 101

Packing for a con is just like packing for a trip, except there's probably cosplay involved, or food, and you always have to account for the things you buy

Fund It: Dinocalypse Now Trilogy

For this week's Kickstarter Spotlight we've got a special treat - game writing veteran and penmonkey extraordinaire Chuck Wendig sat down with us to chat about the upcoming DINOCALYPSE